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GBWusic is a Dutch music and music-related book publishing and production company, founded in 2008.

GBWusic is owned by guitarist and linguist Bobby Ruijgrok and percussionist and musicologist Gijs Anders van Straalen. The two of them have more than twenty years of experience in the music field, playing on stages and studios all over the world for various artists, bands and record companies.

At GBWusic we publish both music and books. Why? Well, when Bobby and Gijs met each other, music was their common ground. It was very soon after that they started playing together and nowadays they still work as musicians, for many different bands and artists and together as Blistered.

The other thing that has their mutual affection is science; Bobby holds a PhD in Linguistics and Gijs a Master of Arts in Musicology, with an expertise in Dutch jazz history. Both love doing research and love to spend time in the scientific field. So when they founded GBWusic, it was more than logical that music and science, sounds and words, would take equal places.

So if you like our music, check out our books as well and vice versa; it might open a whole new world for you!
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GBWusic is a trade name registered under number 28085390 at the Commercial Register of the Chamber of Commerce, The Netherlands.
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